Kilkhampton Parish News – November 2012

First things first. Dennis Vanstone has finally come across a task that he cannot complete on his own. So it’s time for the first Commoners’ working party! Mark a note of the date and time – Saturday 4th November at 1000 – meet up by the new pond on the lower footpath. If you have a wheelbarrow that’s sturdy enough for shifting stone, please bring it along. And that gives a clue as to the task! Obviously wellington boots and work gloves will be the attire for the day. And we will hope that it is not raining. Continue reading “Kilkhampton Parish News – November 2012”

Kilkhampton Parish News – October 2012

For once, nothing to say about the weather – but lots of other news thank goodness.

Animals have been the stars during September. The Balwen sheep are doing very well and have been joined by seven Gotland lambs that have also come from South Yeo Farm. The Gotland breed can be traced right back to the Vikings – information is available at Continue reading “Kilkhampton Parish News – October 2012”

Kilkhampton Parish News – August 2012

So let’s get the subject of the weather out of the way before anything else! Actually, the Common has stood up quite well to the deluge of the lasts weeks. And it has highlighted a number of areas where we need to do more work in the autumn to improve surface and drainage conditions. It was a good job that we bolted the new bridge at the bottom of the lane down the night before the heavy downpour last week – it could easily have ended up down at Duckpool otherwise! Continue reading “Kilkhampton Parish News – August 2012”

Kilkhampton Parish News – June 2012

Well – to say the least, the weather has not been on our side! But in between downpours, we have made good progress. Apart from the sheep handling pen and shelter, the fencing of the livestock enclosures is complete. And on that subject, I hear that some folk are questioning why we have fenced areas of the Common. The simple answer is that we like sheep – and the rarer the breed the better. We hope to have them in residence by August and I will update you on details of the breeds next month. Continue reading “Kilkhampton Parish News – June 2012”

Kilkhampton Parish News – April 2012

Westland Countryside Stewards (WCS) was set up by the WGP Group in October 2010 with the aim of securing and managing land of environmental value in the Kilkhampton area. Wherever possible, the aim is to make such land available for the benefit of the local community. With financial help from WGP and an initial most generous gift of woodland made by Mr and Mrs Hindle, WCS has secured parcels of land that have a proven environmental value, a fact that is confirmed by a survey commissioned from Cornwall Continue reading “Kilkhampton Parish News – April 2012”