Kilkhampton Common spring in the process of being repaired. Surrounded by dry stone walling and circular in shape.

Kilkhampton Common’s Historic Spring

At the start of this project the entrance track leading down to the stream was at best slippery and barely navigable as a result of water run-off.  On the right hand side of the track about half way down there is a natural spring which has been neglected and unused for some time.  Since the track was cleared and a drainage channel dug, the water from this spring is now flowing neatly along the gulley.  We’re utilising the water at the bottom by piping it into a doggie drinking trough.

There is scant information pertaining to the spring but we were committed to improving it’s neglected state.

With careful clearance of superficial leaf material and muck, clean water swiftly flowed both in and out of the spring.  You can see a little further down the lane the water emerges from another point and then feeds into the drainage ditch we have created running down the entire length of the access track.  

Further work was carried out by Shaun and Dennis to tidy up the site, using the stones already there to finish off the surround and also create a small bridge with a pipe underneath that crosses the drainage ditch.  A layer of stone was put down to further improve access to the spring and prevent erosion of soil.  The wooden beam that sits across the top of the spring was taken from what was originally being used as a foot bridge across the drainage ditch.