Riverside Walk on Kilkhampton Common

One of our projects to help improve access has been the riverside walk.  We’ve been working hard constructing the five wooden bridges that cross the stream.  Previously the area along the river has been inaccessable and heavily waterlogged.

With conservative clearance of undergrowth and associated drainage work, a woodland walk has been cleared which allows access.  With the changing seasons it will be exciting to see the differences as the year passes.

The area surrounding the river along the valley floor known as the riparian zone, helps support a rich variety of fauna and flora.  Our resident dipper has been spotted feeding on it staple diet of insect larvae.  With their white breast and dark body plumage you can see them bobbing up and down on a rock with their tail cocked.

Our rivers and streams act as important corridors for fish and wildlife migration.  They connect fragmented habitats and thus help conserve biodiversity.  Please stop for a while along the riverwalk and gaze at the hidden nature there.