Water Vole Release: Phase 1

Water Vole Release Project Phase 1 – 18th June 2013.

Bude Water Vole Release Derek Gow
Derek Gow handling a water vole during the release at Bude

The initial phase of the Bude Water vole release project is now underway with funding from The Environment Agency and the assistance of Fraser Proudfoot from The Weir Restaurant.  His site allows for a release of 100 water voles, under the direction of the Derek Gow Consultancy.  It seemed appropriate to have the event filmed by Hannah Sneyd, for inclusion in the BBC2 documentary The Burrowers, a natural history programme dedicated to burrowing animals.  Although the BBC iPlayer no longer has the episodes you can still see clips from the programme.

Westland Countryside Stewards and Derek Gow Consultancy pre water vole release
Westland Countryside Stewards and Derek Gow Consultancy getting prepared for the water vole release

The majority of the water voles remain in their release cages for 5 days, being fed each day by Westland Countryside Stewards, after which their new lives begin in our locality. A fresh food diet of apple and carrot sustain them in these early days.

pre water vole release and Hannah Sneyd with camera
Hannah Sneyd filmed the water vole release for the BBC2 documentary The Burrowers

Have you seen any water voles along the Bude Canal yet?  Let us know and please send in any photos… email us at team@westlandcs.co.uk

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