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  • Westland Countryside Stewards awarded £6,800 of National Lottery funding to replace Kilkhampton Common footbridge.

    Westland Countryside Stewards is happy to announce the charity has received £6,800 of funding from the National Lottery. The funds will allow for the construction of a new footbridge to Kilkhampton Common, replacing the previous one damaged by the floods. The new bridge will continue to allow safe public access to the site. Nature should…

  • Funding of a  mower for Kilkhampton Common

    Funding of a mower for Kilkhampton Common

    It’s time to get the lawn mower out! Summer is fast approaching. I’m sure everyone with a lawn is noticing the grass is growing vigorously and they’re out with the mower more frequently. The same applies to Kilkhampton common. As well as the hedgerows, the grass pathways are sprouting.

  • Kilkhampton Common – Summer 2015

    In the last few months, the common has awoken and flourished. Butterflies have started to emerge, small pearl bordered fritillaries (Boloria selene) have once again returned and the first recordings of small heath (Coenonympha pamphilus) this year which brings the total to 22 species of butterflies on the Common so far. The fields at the…

  • Water voles return to every county in England

    Today the Environment Agency sent out this press release. Following on from the final water vole release we made in the Bude river catchment it has been confirmed that water voles has now returned to every country in England.