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  • Bank Holiday and Butterflies

    Bank Holiday and Butterflies

    Summer Sunshine The summer sunshine was a welcoming sight on the Common throughout July. While August saw a change to unsettled, almost autumnal conditions, the rainfall helped replenish the water levels in the ponds. Luckily, this Bank Holiday weekend looks to bring more sunshine, which is the perfect weather to look for butterflies.  This year…

  • Summer 2018 on Kilkhampton Common

    Summer 2018 on Kilkhampton Common

    What a glorious few weeks we have had so far this summer! Great in the way for a tan, however, you may have noticed the lack of rain has caused the top pond to dry right up, and the lower pond has lost a lot of water. This is really bad news for the amphibians…

  • Spring 2018 on Kilkhampton Common

    After the strange snowy weather of winter, it is finally spring- we think! The common is starting to brighten up with the first signs of butterflies. Small tortoiseshell’s (Aglais urticae) have been spotted on the first butterfly survey of the year along with a single brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni). Within the next couple of months, The…

  • Summer on Kilkhampton Common

    Wildlife on the Common I am sure many of you have been enjoying some summer sun over the last few weeks. Butterflies can be seen fluttering around, however, this has been a poor year for butterflies. With the continuous change in weather, from sun to rain, the butterflies have struggled. Cold winter killed off pupae…

  • Kilkhampton Common – Autumn 2015

    Kilkhampton Common – Autumn 2015

    Throughout the summer, the Common has been awash with butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies. A total of 1186 butterflies were recorded this year, a 700 decrease from last year, even with the new transects, although this seems to be the case across the UK this year.

  • Kilkhampton Common – Summer 2015

    In the last few months, the common has awoken and flourished. Butterflies have started to emerge, small pearl bordered fritillaries (Boloria selene) have once again returned and the first recordings of small heath (Coenonympha pamphilus) this year which brings the total to 22 species of butterflies on the Common so far. The fields at the…

  • Kilkhampton Parish News 2014 Review

    Kilkhampton Parish News 2014 Review

    Looking back over the last few months, work on Kilkhampton Common may not be completely visible, but behind the scenes a lot has taken place from surveys to new signage. The excellent weather conditions this year have been beneficial for all flora and fauna.

  • Kilkhampton Parish News – September 2013

    Goodness me – Summer nearly over and Autumn looms; where has all the time gone? So much has happened so where to start? Probably where I left off last time here in the Newsletter.

  • Kilkhampton Parish News – April 2013

    As I write this in mid-March, spring is pretty much fully wound up but not yet quite sprung. A welcome spell of dry but very cold weather has given way to yet more rain. We hope this is only a passing deluge!