Kilkhampton Common walks in June

People who joined Westland Countryside Stewards for the charity walk around Kilkhampton Common

A big thank you to everyone who attended our two guided walks of Kilkhampton Common on June 11th and 16th.

The guided walk allowed both new visitors and familiar faces a chance to discover the wildlife on the common, and learn more about Westland Countryside Stewards.

Children and adults taking part in pond dipping on the walks of Kilkhampton Common Cornwall with Westland Countryside Stewards

Reconnecting with local nature

Our charity aim is to reconnect people with local nature. We hope this has encouraged those who attended to visit the Common again, or just get out and enjoy nature on your doorstep.

A circular walk of the Common was completed, finishing at the lower pond. Here, children (and adults) were able to get involved in pond dipping.

If you were unable to attend, remember, the common is open all hours, every day for you to enjoy.

Westland Countryside Stewards will have a table at the Kilkhampton Fete on 1st July.  Please, stop by and say hello.

Charity to attend Kilkhampton Village Fete and offer Guided Walk of Kilkhampton Common

Photo of Kilkhampton Common where a guided walk will take place run by Westland Countryside Stewards

Spring has certainly sprung and as summer approaches the common is alive with wildlife and the trees are once again in leaf. It’s an enjoyable place to visit at any time of year but when everything is flourishing and the weather is fine, the common is a natural haven to escape to. If you need any more reason to visit, be sure to take a camera as ‘Kilkhampton Common’ is the theme for this year’s photo competition at the Kilk Fete, which takes place on 1st July and the charity will be attending. We will also be running two guided walks of Kilkhampton Common during June.

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